What are the top metals mined in Canada? How much is the average salary is in mining? What education do you need to start a career in mining? Test your knowledge and take the quiz.

What is the top metal or mineral mined in Canada?
For which mineral does Canada rank as the number one producer in the world?
How many tonnes of steelmaking coal are necessary to produce one wind turbine?
The average annual pay for a mining worker in 2019 exceeded:
In Canada, the mining industry may need to hire roughly how many workers over the next decade?
In what mining occupations is there expected to be increased demand in the near future?
Approximately how many people did Canada's mining industry directly employ in 2019?
What education do you need to start a career in mining?
The mining sector is the largest private sector employer of Indigenous peoples in Canada.
What percentage of mining employers stated in 2019 that they have programs in place to support employee diversity?
What type of new technologies are Canadian mining companies using?
What percentage of mining employers reported having apprenticeship programs in 2019?
Mined metals like copper play an important role in killing bacteria and preventing patients from acquiring infections.
Over the next decade, digital technologies will help the global mining industry reduce C02 emissions by 610 million tonnes.
Approximately 1.1 kilograms of steelmaking coal is required to build the average bicycle frame.
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